About Musical Innovation

Roar Malmin has been a prominent high-end audio designer in Norway for over 20 years, and is considered by many to be an artisan in his field.
He started fiddling with electronics in the 70's, and went on to manufacture and repair audio electronics for the Norwegian audio industry throughout the 80's and 90's.

In 1996, Malmin Audio Design started to manufacture its own audio products under the Musical Innovation brand.
Since then, Musical Innovation has become a reputable name when it comes to High-End audio.

Roar Malmin's constructions are of renowned Norwegian quality, and many of his products are custom made to serve special demands from audiophile customers. Because of that, there can exist several variations of any given product despite the same "version".

Despite minor differences in production, every manufactured item meets his stringent standard of audio quality!
Chances are that you will be positively surprised about performance in every single product he has made.

Malmin Audio Design source as much as possible of the components used in the production of Musical Innovation locally. Assembly is done by hand in his workshop. To the best of our knowledge MI was the first company to introduce Cardas connectors and silver bearing solder to the Norwegian audio scene.

His philosophy is to create the best sounding audio equipment with the lowest and benign distortion possible. This is being achieved by using no-feedback circuits throughout the range, with one notable exception, the MI MOSFET. That is the reason it`s simply called MOSFET without any MI number being assigned.

Instruments used in R&D and the verification process include HP/Agilent 3563A, 4195A, 4263B, Keithley 2700, Tektronix 571, Tektronix 2465B, LeCroy Wavepro 7300A, Rohde & Schwarz UPL & UPV.